Can I get into sold out shows with my Fan Club membership?

  • YURP! Shows that are sold out to the public are still open to Fan Club member requests.   

How many Fan Club spots are there for each show?

  • There are a limited number of Fan Club spots for each show, which will be determined by the overall capacity for the venue.  These spots will be distributed on a first come - first served basis, all requests should be sent to

Are any shows excluded from The Fan Club?

  • The only shows excluded from The Fan Club spots are any charity or benefit events.  Gotta support local non-profits, yo!

If there are no shows I want to see one month - can I save my Fan Club spot for the next month?

  • No shows you want to see?! Well that’s just crazy.  In order to give everyone equal access to the Fan Club spots, we are limiting to 1 show per calendar month.  

Can I let someone else use my pass?

  • No tradesies! All Fan Club guest list spots will be reserved as “Fan Club Member’s Name +1” - No exceptions dudes!

If I already bought tickets for a show, can I get a refund on those tickets and put that towards a Fan Club membership?

  • We see where you’re going, but sadly we can’t follow you. We have a firm “No Refunds” policy, so making that switch is something we can not honor.